Water Symptoms

Hard water:
Hard water is caused buy dissolved mineral deposits such as calcium and magnesium. These minerals cause a multitude of problems like clogged pipes, crusty corroded faucet’s, soap scum, dry skin, dry hair, and also damages hot water heaters causing them to loose efficiency. You can see the problems on your fixtures and pipes, just imagine the damage happening inside yourself!
Water is considered to be hard at 3 grains per gallon. Average municipal water is 8 to 10 grains hard. Wells can range anywhere from 0 to 150 grains hard!

We will have the system sized to handle any water hardness. Guaranteed!

Iron water:
Iron leaves a very evident trail of orange/brown stains. It is quickly spotted in dishwashers, toilets, showers, and will ruin laundry. High levels of iron can even leave and unpleasant odor reminiscent of rotten egg or even a petroleum smell.

We have many options to handle any level of iron in your water. Never see another stain or ruin a load of laundry again!

Iron Bacteria:
Iron bacteria has the same characteristics as iron except it is a living organism that feeds on iron its self. Iron bacteria is most visible in the back of toilet tanks leaving a slimy or even fuzzy ring around the tank. It may appear like a jelly also. You may see a oil like film on top of the water also. Other symptoms can be a sulfur or rotten egg smell, and low water pressure or plugged faucet screens. If left unattended too, Iron bacteria will eventually plug pipes and damage destroy fixtures.
Treatment procedures require iron bacteria to be treated prior to any other treatment except for PH. The only effective treatment is with a chlorination system.

Our chlorination system can eliminate Iron bacteria, sulfur, coliform, e-coli, iron, and many other problems.

Sulfur is very obvious. “The rotten egg smell.” Sulfur is extremely dangerous to anything metal. Pipes, fixtures, wiring, silverware, etc. Sulfur can be detected by smell before it even shows up on a test. Even the smallest level of sulfur can ruin your home. Tired of explaining that smell to friends or family?

Our systems will stop that conversation from ever happening again

Methane Gas:
Methane is naturally occurring in well water. It is colorless and odorless. Methane causes large air pockets in your plumbing or a popping or bursting experience when you turn on a faucet. Fill a clear glass with cold water. If the water looks extremely cloudy and slowly clears from the bottom up, you may have methane. Methane is extremely flammable!

Our Aeration system will remove methane safely and effectively

An element in water usually found with iron. Manganese will cause black staining at levels as low as .05 ppm. Most commonly seen in toilets, showers, or on fixtures.

Our water conditioners will eliminate this problem

Colloidal clay:
This form of clay will give you gray or brown water that cannot be filtered out through
Standard filtration. This clay is so fine that it does not settle out in water and will quickly plug filters and cause extreme pressure loss and frequent filter change. The only effective treatment is with a chlorination system injecting a fluctuant solution into the water to coagulate the clay into larger particles before filtration.

We design our systems for each specific need.

"We dare you to compare, our systems, our warranty, our quality"

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