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Water moves in a never ending Hydrological Cycle. It starts in the clouds as rain, sleet or snow. Falling and passing through the ground and evaporating back up to the clouds. During this cycle the water become contaminated with various impurities found in the atmosphere and in the ground. The water becomes hard with minerals and will begin to destroy the plumbing and fixtures in your home. It will cause your skin to become dry, flaky, itchy, wrinkled and to show premature age. After this water passes through the Northeast Water Systems Conditioner the hard minerals will be removed. The conditioned water will help unclog your pores leaving your skin soft and healthier. Northeast Water Systems Conditioned Water is a Natural Beauty Aid.

Benefits of Conditioned Water

  • REDUCED ENERGY COSTS - Conditioned water reduces scale build-up in hot water heater saving as much as 22% of your electric bill and as much as 29% of your gas bill.

  • REDUCED BUILD-UP IN WATER PIPES-Improving plumbing performance and longevity. Protects fixtures and appliances. Your appliances will last as much as 50% longer. Stops soap scum build-up in showers. Less cleaning.

  • SOFTER, WHITER CLOTHES-And use 80% less detergents. Your clothes will stay brighter and last 33% longer.

  • CLEANER DISHES - No streaks or spots.

  • BETTER FOOD - Better looking and tasting. Use 25% less ingredients such as: coffee, tea and sugar to get the same flavors.

  • NATURAL BEAUTY AID - Conditioned water helps keep your skin softer and cleaner. Helps stop premature aging of the skin.

These are just a few reasons to have conditioned water.

"It doesn't cost to condition water it pays"!

Northeast Water Systems Water Softeners and Water Conditioners use a technology to inhibit bacteria growth in the filter media. According to the US Public Health Service, ordinary water softeners can grow bacteria in the media tank, even overnight. We utilize the same technology that NASA uses to stop bacteria growth in the space shuttle's water.

"We dare you to compare, our systems, our warranty, our quality"

We have Water Conditioners for any application!

See Water Symptoms for more specific information on water quality.

Bacteriostatic Water Conditioner
Whole house solution!

Ironmax Filter
Filter out Iron, Manganese and Sulfide

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