Services of Northeast Water Systems

Northeast Water Systems is a full service company that can handle any of your water treatment needs.

Most existing equipment does not need replacement. A little routine maintenance can usually revive most equipment.

We offer an annual service plan for those of you that have existing equipment that needs maintenance. This plan includes water testing, routine cleaning, any necessary adjustments and checking for proper system function. Parts not included.

We also offer salt or potassium delivery. 10 bag minimum.

Need a Hygene replacement on your existing system? We do that too.

We offer system re-bed on almost any system. (iron filters, carbon filters, ph adjustment filters, and much more)

We also offer well systems repairs and replacement. We sell and service Myers and Gould's pump and pressure tank systems as well as many other brands.

Water Dowsing (Witching) service also available too. Let us find a spot for your next water well.

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Northeast Water Systems, LLC
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