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Anderson Water Systems

has changed brands to a new manufacturer. They are no longer an Authorized Puronics (Ionics) dealer.
They can no longer supply you with the proper Hygene filter media or parts to maintain your manufacturers Lifetime warranty.

Most of you have received a letter from Puronics (Ionics) stating that.

Northeast Water Systems is now the only Authorized Puronics (Ionics) dealer for Upstate NY.
We will continue to honor your Manufacturers Lifetime Warranty at no charge to you and with no annual fees.

Anderson may have been installing the improper HyGene filter media since early 2009. This is the Bacteriostatic filter inside the water softener itself. The media that Anderson is using has been found to cause numorus problems such as plugging faucett's and fixtures as well as black media building up in toilet tanks around your house. This media breaks down and has been found to directly effect the softener's performace. Symptoms usually include inconsistent soft water as well as brown or black water at times.

If you have had your Hygene changed anytime during this period, it is possible that your system may not be functioning correctly. You can check inside your most used toilet tank to see if this media is there. It usually will look like black, brown or even orange sand or grit.


Your Ionics water conditioner no matter how old or new can use salt or potassium at any time. There is no conversion necessary. Simply use either one whenever you want. You can mix them together, there is absolutely NO issue with this. These system were designed for salt usage. Potassium can be used as a supplement to salt with any water conditioner. If you decide to switch to salt only, we do recommend that you clean your brine tank one last time or have us do it for you. Salt will not leave the build up that potassium does. You will never have to clean your tank ever again!! We Recommend that you use salt that is in a yellow colored bag or green bag if you have iron staining issues. Stay away from crystal or rock salt as they are very dirty and may cause issues with your system.

Yellow and Green bag salts are very clean and in pellet form. You will never have an issue with using them.

If you have any doubts about this please look inside the cover of your conditioner of your conditioners lid and you will see the salt setting location. If you have any concerns please give us a call. Here is a copy of the original owners manual that goes with your water conditioner again no matter how old or new.

We understand with the rising cost of potassium to over $20 a bag, that it is important for you to understand that your current system can and has always been able to use salt at any time. This will not void your warranty. The switch will save you a lot of money.

If you are worried about salt in your water please see page 20 of our owners manual. This may help you better understand how much salt or potassium is left behind in your water compared to every day foods and drinks that we consume on a daily basis. Ask us about our drinking water systems that remove salt from the water. Switching to salt and installing our drinking water system will eliminate any concerns of left over salt or any other contaminates in your water. You will never have to buy bottled water again! Our drinking water systems include installiation of a drinking water spigot and hook up of your icemaker if you have one. Always clean, always fresh and always Pure!!

Letter to Ionics (Puronics) Customers from Northeast Water Systems
Letter from Ionics (Puronics) | Ionics (Puronics) Warranty Information Letter

Ionics (Puronics) Warranty

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