Water and Health

You use it every day, and you can’t live with out, WATER!

Approximately 70% of your body is water. 85% of the gray matter of the brain is water. Water is important in equalizing your body temperature and serves as a lubricant for moving joints. Water is the medium for digestion, metabolism and more. You know what water impurities can do to the pipes in your home. Think what they can do in your body!

Dry skin conditions such as Eczema, Psoriasis, Winter Itch or just generally dry skin can be greatly reduced or even eliminated in some cases with a Water Softener (for well water) or a Water Conditioner (for municipal water). Doctors will in some cases will recommend water treatment to patients with sever skin conditions. Its common knowledge to people with skin problems to reduce their time spent in a shower or to not use as much soap, or any at all. This is because of Hard water and Chlorinated water.

Hard water in general will cause pores in your skin clog and soap residue to stick to your skin causing that tight, itchy feeling after you bathe. Chlorine is yet another factor to deal with. If you own a swimming pool or do a lot of swimming, you already know the effects of chlorine on your skin and hair. Chlorine is readily absorbed into your skin along with breathing in the vapor while showering. Chlorine is a known carcinogen.
See our Section on Chlorine for more details

Most people don’t realize that something as simple as their water can cause so many problems not only physically but also to your clothing, fixtures, and appliances. Softening or Conditioning your water can reduce or eliminate all of these problems. Soft water will unclog pores and rinse soap off completely leaving your skin feeling smooth luxurious. If you have ever stayed at a hotel or someone’s house where you take a shower and the soap doesn’t feel like it will rinse off, it did! Just taste your fingers, there is no soap taste! This is soft or conditioned water and that’s how your skin is supposed to feel!

Five Hidden Dangers of Your Morning Shower

A Northeast Water Systems Water Softener or Water Conditioner is a one time purchase that will protect your whole house and family for a lifetime!

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See Water Symptoms for more specific information on water quality.

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Ironmax Filter
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