Well Drilling, Pump Sales, Service and Installation

Northeast Water Systems now has the capability of drilling Residential and Commercial water wells.
Whether you are building a new home or in need of repair or replacement of an old well, we are your one stop shop.
LET US FIND YOUR WATER with our DOWSING (Witching) Service!

Step 1. Site survey. Let us evaluate your property and let you know
where the best possible location for your well would be.
Step 2. Drill your new well
Step 3. Install pump system from well to house complete
Step 4. Test water conditions and evaluate for any necessary treatment needs.
Step 5. Install any necessary water treatment if needed.

We drill all of our wells using the (Old School) Cable Tool Method. I.e. ground pounder.
This is the most preferred method of all well drillers. Although this method is slower, it will produce the best well construction and water volumes possible. The process is simple, the 1500 lb bit is raised and lowered in a pounding fashion. This pounding opens up fractures in the hard ground as we drill allowing the best possible flow of water into the well.

Are you in need of pump repair or replacement? We sell and service Gould and Myers pumps, as well as pressure tanks. We can handle any of your pump and pressure tank needs.

Northeast Water Systems is a Certified pump installer

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